Retrieving the translated data

You can access the translated attribute easily.


$product = Product::first();

echo $product->description; // Product description in English

echo $product->description; // Product description in Spanish
echo $product->details;     // Product details in Spanish

Retrieve all the translatable attribute values

$product = Product::first();


The example above will return result like this

array:2 [
  "description" => array:2 [
    "en" => "Product description in English"
    "es" => "Product description in Spanish"
  "details"     => array:2 [
    "en" => "Product details in English"
    "es" => "Product details in Spanish"

Model serialization


        ->setAppends(['description', 'details'])

The example above will return result like this

array:7 [
  "id"          => 1
  "name"        => "Amazon Kindle Oasis"
  "published"   => true
  "created_at"  => "2022-02-22T00:00:00.000000Z"
  "updated_at"  => "2022-02-22T00:00:00.000000Z"
  "description" => "Product description in Spanish"
  "details"     => "Product details in Spanish"

Translate an eloquent collection

You can also translate an eloquent collection which contains TranslatableModel instances.

$products = Product::all();

// Translate all models in the collection
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